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Vegan Trademark Now Offering Animal-free Alternative To Safety Tests For Cosmetic Products

While testing cosmetics ingredients and products on animals is restricted in the UK, many of the alternative tests on offer are still likely to use or contain animal matter. The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark is working to change that and from today, 1st of June, will be working with Advanced Development and Safety Laboratories (ADSL) to offer a vegan alternative.

“For too long cosmetic products that don’t contain a single trace of animal products in their ingredients have had to be testing under a system that contains animal matter.”

As it currently stands, in order for a cosmetic product to land on supermarket shelves, a variety of information about its ingredients, and testing of those ingredients, must be compiled to ensure the product is safe for use. Meanwhile, certain products have to be tested at a more thorough level to ensure they can stop and kill the growth of bacteria, yeast and mould after contamination.


The most common methods for this test use culture media-specific mixtures of nutrients and other substances including animal derivatives. However, ADSL, which specialises in ingredient technology in skincare, have created a vegan-friendly system replacing the animal parts for plants such as soybean digests. This means those same cosmetic products can go through the same in-depth testing process as before – but with the total absence of animal products.

The testing system is registered with the Vegan Trademark and ADSL will be encouraging brands that already use their tests to also register, while current Trademark holders, and those currently in the process of registering, will be offered the chance to utilise the ADSL alternative test.

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Chantelle Adkins, Director of Business Development at The Vegan Society, states: “We’re always keen to work with the companies that are leading the way in animal-free testing. For too long cosmetic products that don’t contain a single trace of animal products in their ingredients have had to be testing under a system that contains animal matter. It doesn’t make sense.

“For us to be able to give our Trademark Holders the peace of mind that there are now vegan certified tests for their vegan products is just fantastic.”

The Vegan Trademark is the oldest and original vegan verification scheme, managed by a team of vegan experts to provide brands and consumers alike confidence in their purchasing decisions. You can find out more about registering your product with the Vegan Trademark by visiting The Vegan Trademark | The Vegan Society. To find out more about the ADSL tests available, please click here.


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