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Veganologie Launches Accessories Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

  • Dubai-based Veganologie launches accessories such as handbags and wallets, all made from recycled materials.

When Angana Maheshwari began looking for a handbag that was sustainable, attractive, reasonably priced, and well-made, she couldn’t find anything that met her specifications — so she decided to design some.

With time on her hands over lockdown, Maheshwari developed vegan bags, wallets, and credit card cases. The PU leather and vegan suede interior of the products are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, while any hardware is made of fully recyclable zinc alloy. All packaging is also made from 100% recycled materials.

Veganologie’s crossbody bags each use 11 plastic bottles, while the wallets are made from four bottles and the cardholders from two. The production process involves melting the bottles and either pressing them into vegan leather or forming them into yarn that can be used to produce vegan suede.

© Veganologie

Sustainable vegan accessories

As demand for sustainable, animal-friendly materials grows, many fashion brands are turning to bio-based vegan leather alternatives such as cactus, apple, and pineapple leather. Amid sustainability concerns, faux leather made from plastic is beginning to fall out of favour. But the possibility of using recycled plastics, as Veganologie is doing, is often overlooked.

“I believe in purpose-led fashion,” said Maheshwari. “We want Veganologie to make our customers proud of their decision to purchase one of our bags or accessories, knowing that they will look chic while also making a difference in the world.”

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