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Verney: Sustainable Shoes from Portugal

Located in the north of Portugal, Verney creates eco-friendly and fashion-conscious shoes for women. Verney describes its sustainable shoes as a timeless range that takes into account the different requirements of each season.

Verney aims to encourage consumers to make more environmentally-conscious choices when buying their shoes and to support sustainable brands that have been developed in the spirit of slow fashion and demonstrate responsibility through the consideration of environmental as well as social standards.

“Verney enables women to shop less and more consciously. They don’t need much to be fashion-conscious, and can adapt their looks to different occasions,” explains Cristóvão, Managing Partner of the company. “At Verney, you can find models for outdoor activities as well as professional styles which meet the demands of everyday office life.”

Combination of management experience and expertise in high-quality shoe production

Verney’s organizational structure is made up of individual entrepreneurs with extensive management experience and knowledge of the footwear industry, working with several partners from the cities of Guimarães, Felgueiras and S. João da Madeira. The expertise in footwear manufacturing in these regions goes back more than thirty years, and the work of the qualified professionals there enjoys worldwide recognition.

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