California’s Vegan Scene Boutique Expanding

amy, vegan scene
photo credit: Peter Adams

Vegan Scene, the popular Venice Beach, California boutique, has recently relocated and expanded, and is now looking to open a garment factory.

The Vegan Scene was founded by animal advocate Amy Rebecca Wilde who has been vegan for over 16 years. The store features a wide variety of local designer products which are 100% vegan and fair trade, ranging from fashion, accessories, handbags, cruelty-free natural skin care products and more.

In 2017, Amy launched her own vegan line Legends & Vibes, available in store and online. Legends & Vibes sources all materials locally, using repurposed and recycled materials combined with innovative animal alternatives.

Amy’s next big goal is to open a garment factory, so that the entire production can take place in-house. This would be one of the first 100% vegan factories.