Fashion Label PANGAIA Introduces Vegan Down Jackets

pangaia logo

The fledgling clothing brand PANGAIA was founded just last year, and manufactures only sustainable and ethical fashion. A unique product by the new brand is its vegan down jacket, which uses natural, dried wildflowers instead of goose feathers for insulation. The rest of the jacket is also made of recycled materials such as plastic water bottles.

The brand’s range also includes T-shirts made from 20% seaweed fibre and a special peppermint oil treatment, which makes it possible to wear the shirts up to 10 times without washing them. In addition, hoodies and tracksuit trousers made of recycled materials are shipped with TIPA packaging. TIPA is a “bio-plastic that disappears completely after 24 weeks in a compost container,” the company says.

The PANGAIA brand was presented for the first time at ComplexCon and launched worldwide at the end of last year, partly with the aim of educating people about ethical fashion and sustainability. “With its basic clothing, PANGAIA aims to create a global open source platform for the latest eco-innovations and solutions connecting like-minded people and organizations interested in the environment,” the company said at the launch.