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World’s First Cell-Based Collagen Product ‘Zellulin’ is Revealed by Avant

Hong Kong’s Avant is known to vegconomist readers as the first cultivated meat company in China, whose proprietary technology platform produces animal-free fish proteins for various applications ranging from food to skincare. Avant today announces today the launch of Zellulin®, the world’s first cell-based functional protein for the cosmeceutical functional ingredient market. 

Following its US$3.1 million seed round funding last year, Avant aims to be a global leader in producing functional, safe, and sustainable cultivated marine products in a fully contained environment.


With Zellulin, Avant’s utilises its cell culture biotechnology to enter the US$52.5 billion global anti-aging product market. The product contains multi-functional marine protein peptides that promote anti-oxidation, regeneration, and repairing of skin more effectively than collagen alone as per quantitative studies. It can be incorporated into formulas of moisturizers, drinks, and supplements.

Carrie Chan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avant said, “We are excited to launch our first commercialized product, Zellulin®. This pioneering bioactive ingredient answers the quest of the market for sustainable and innovative alternatives. We welcome partnership with cosmeceutical companies to develop new, ethical and sustainable products with us.” 


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