Animal-Free Casein Producer Standing Ovation Joins Precision Fermentation Trade Organizations

Standing Ovation, a French company that produces animal-free casein using precision fermentation, has joined the Precision Fermentation Alliance (PFA) and Food Fermentation Europe (FFE).

The two trade organizations represent the precision fermentation industry in the US, Europe, and Israel, acting as spokespersons to government bodies, industry, and consumers. They work to promote the sustainability benefits of precision fermentation, including advocating for fair regulatory frameworks and educating food industry stakeholders.

The other members of the Precision Fermentation Alliance are Change Foods, The Every Co., Helaina, ImaginDairy, Motif Foodworks, New Culture, Onego Bio, Perfect Day, and Remilk. Food Fermentation Europe consists of Better Dairy, Bon Vivant, Formo, ImaginDairy, Onego Bio, and Those Vegan Cowboys.

animal-free casein used in cheese made by food tech standing ovation
© Standing Ovation

“Important role”

Standing Ovation uses microbial fermentation to produce non-animal caseins, which can then be used to make alternatives to cheese and other dairy products. Last September, the startup raised €12 million in a Series A round; the funding will be used to scale casein production, develop new products, and initiate the regulatory process for animal-free dairy.

In November, Standing Ovation partnered with leading multinational cheese producer Bel Group to develop animal-free cheese. The companies’ scientific teams will work together at Bel’s R&D center in Vendôme, France, and Standing Ovation’s facility in Paris, producing cheeses that will be sold under Bel’s brands.

“We are delighted to join these trade organizations and be able to contribute to their mission of information and promotion, because we firmly believe that precision fermentation is an answer to the environmental climate emergency and has a major role to play in the food transition,” said Frédéric Pâques and Romain Chayot, cofounders of Standing Ovation. “Standing Ovation will have an important role to play, not only because it targets both the US and European markets, but also because it is one of the few companies currently present in both associations. It will therefore be able to contribute not only to the efforts of each of these consortia, but also to the communication between them.”

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