Better Meat Co. Announces Mycoprotein Fermentation Facility in Sacramento

The Better Meat Co., a producer of plant protein ingredients, announced the opening of a new fermentation plant that will produce Rhiza, the company’s new mycoprotein superfood ingredient. The first brand in agreement to use the ingredient is The Plant-Based Seafood Co.

The business-to-business ingredients company will initially employ 16 people in West Sacramento. While the plant’s primary purpose is to serve as an R&D corporate headquarters, it will produce and supply thousands of pounds of Rhiza to select food companies for use as an ingredient in both plant-based and hybrid animal-based meat products.

Ribbon Cutting The Better Meat Co
©Better Meat Co

“If we’re serious about lessening humanity’s footprint on the planet, we need to get serious about our food-print, and that means reducing our reliance on animals for food,” said Better Meat Co. CEO Paul Shapiro. “Rhiza offers a cost-effective opportunity for food companies seeking to improve sustainability while giving their customers that meaty experience they crave.”

Monica Talbert, CEO of The Plant-Based Seafood Co., states, “We’ve been very impressed with the quality and versatility of Rhiza, and are excited to incorporate it into our plant based crab cakes, as well as other innovative plant based seafood products coming out later this year.”

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