Biospringer Introduces New Source of Vegan Protein From Yeast Fermentation

In view of the increasing number of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers worldwide, Biospringer, a division of Lesaffre, is introducing its innovative new yeast protein. The new and revolutionary Springer Proteissimo™ 101 is a complete yeast fermentation protein for meat and milk alternatives that does not produce any unwanted taste.

Springer Proteissimo™ 101 is a nutrient-rich, neutral-tasting ingredient and an easy-to-use building block for tasty, protein-enriched foods. “With the introduction of Springer Proteissimo™ 101, we offer a unique yeast protein that is both long-lasting and digestible and has a clean taste without unwanted aftertaste. This underlines Biospringer’s ability to innovate and implement a customer strategy that always focuses on customer needs and keeps consumer expectations in mind,” says Hanane Lamjaj, Global Marketing Director of Biospringer.

Yeast protein is also gluten-free, and has a stable supply chain since it is not dependent on harvest or seasonality and can be produced continuously in France where the company operates. Yeast protein does not contain any genetically modified organisms, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is certified kosher and halal.


Biospringer also produces other yeast ingredients, in particular vegan flavours for meat and cheese analogs; including chicken, beef and cheese flavours. Biospringer is part of Lesaffre, one of the world’s leading yeast and fermentation groups.

“The Proteissimo project was driven by Lesaffre R&D in collaboration with European partners such as Agro Paris Tech, Wageningen University, Improve, ProDigest, Ecoact and Campden BRI. Our innovative technology is protected by patents,” says Eric Oriol, Director of the Puri Center, Corporate R&D of Lesaffre. The new product is based on more than a century of experience with yeast and yeast ingredients for food manufacturers and extensive consumer research.

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