Chr. Hansen Presents New Fermentation Solutions for Plant Products

At a time when fermented plant-based products are becoming increasingly popular, Chr. Hansen is launching “FreshQ® DA”, a food culture selected to enhance the fermentation of these products and to better protect them from spoilage by yeasts and moulds.

The new FreshQ® DA culture combines Chr. Hansen’s 145 years of experience in food microbiology with a focus on fermentation solutions for plant products to keep them naturally safe and fresh for longer.

“FreshQ® DA consists of lactic acid bacteria selected for their ability to overcome contaminants by fermentation. It acts in a variety of plant bases to keep products fresh longer,” says Peter Thoeysen, Chr. Hansen’s Director of Bioprotection. “Bioprotection uses ‘good bacteria’ to combat ‘bad bacteria’, yeast and mould to keep food fresh from the inside out. The use of fermentation is a well known concept in the world of dairy farming, and it offers similar potential for the fermented vegetable food industry”.

FreshQ® DA is the latest addition to Chr. Hansen’s FreshQ® line. The company first launched its groundbreaking bioprotective solution for traditional fresh dairy products in 2012, followed by the second generation in 2017 and now a version aimed at the fast-growing market for plant-based fermented foods.

“With fermentation-driven bioprotection, producers are better equipped to increase consumer confidence in their brand by improving product quality in a natural way. Improving quality and shelf life can also help reduce food waste at a global level by giving consumers a wider window of opportunity to consume the food they buy,” explains Peter Thoeysen. “As more and more consumers are interested in orienting their diets towards healthy and sustainable food, more and more plant producers will enter the market to meet this demand, making this industry increasingly competitive. Using FreshQ® DA in fermentation helps our customers to optimise their products, protect their value chain and deliver high quality results in every package.

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