Fermify Offers Animal-Free Casein Samples to Industry Partners to “Unlock” Dairy-Free Creations

Fermify, an Austrian precision fermentation company set to revolutionize dairy production, announces that it now provides industry companies with samples of its liquid form animal-free casein to create “groundbreaking” dairy-free products.

Fermify’s casein is said to offer a purity level of 94%, while its functionality — taste, meltability, and structure — rivals that of animal-based proteins, as shown in successful pilot-scale testings. 

“We eagerly anticipate the exciting possibilities that our samples will unlock”

With this initiative, Fermify aims to spark interest and collaboration to accelerate the development of animal-free cheese and dairy products that meet top-notch quality and functionality standards and taste great.

We eagerly anticipate the exciting possibilities that our samples will unlock in the traditional dairy industry, inspiring new creations and advancements in dairy product development,” states Fermify.

Fermify announces that it now provides industry companies with samples of its liquid form casein.
Left: sodium caseinate, middle: Fermifys ß-casein, right: commercial Mozzarella – Image courtesy of Fermify

Cost-effective production

Founded in November 2021 by Eva Sommer and Christoph Herwig, Fermify claims to be the first biotech company to successfully implement continuous precision fermentation for casein.

The company’s IP-protected continuous bioprocess has the potential to deliver 50% cost reductions and generate fewer GHG emissions than conventional cheese production. Cost-effective production translates into more affordable products — a significant achievement in biomanufacturing.

In a conversation with Cultivated X, she explained that the continuous process entails constantly feeding microorganisms and feedstocks to bioreactors. Additionally, a cascaded system separates the growth and protein production phases, and a digital twin controls the entire process. 

She told Cultivated X, “Our productivity is 16 times higher than that of a fed batch process.”

Vegan cheese made with animal-free caseins
Image courtesy of Fermify

Accessible animal-free casein 

In 2023, the Austrian company secured 6 million euros for its revolutionary production system, which promises to eliminate cows from cheese production. Recently the company extended a previously closed seed round and announced new industry partnerships with multinational companies CREMER and Interfood to develop new products.

According to Fermify, obtaining animal-free casein samples is a challenge for companies interested in developing sustainable alternatives. Sommer, comments: “It is our priority to make our groundbreaking product – animal-free casein – accessible to all.” 

Samples can be ordered directly on the company’s website.

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