Remilk Receives No Objections Letter for Sale of Animal-Free Milk Protein, Heralding “New-Dairy Revolution” in Canada

Israeli biotech company Remilk announces that it has obtained Health Canada’s “Letter of No Objection,” allowing the use and commercialization of its animal-free milk protein called BLG within Canada.

With this achievement, Remilk has become the first company to receive the green light in the country for a precision fermentation-derived protein. 

“This is an important day for us at Remilk, and a historic one for Canada as it opens its doors to the new-dairy revolution”

According to the announcement, Health Canada conducted a thorough evaluation and deemed Remilk’s animal-free protein safe for consumption. As a result, Canada has opened the door for new dairy products, including milk, ice cream, yogurt, and cream cheese, made with novel proteins instead of traditional milk proteins.

Remilk's cheese
© Remilk

“This is an important day for us at Remilk, and a historic one for Canada as it opens its doors to the new-dairy revolution. We developed a strategic roadmap for regulatory approvals around the world, recognizing that CPG companies seek solutions that benefit consumers throughout North America,” shares Aviv Wolff, co-founder and CEO of Remilk. 

Guilt-free indulgence

The approval from Health Canada marks a significant milestone for Remilk, opening a new market as a supplier of novel proteins as raw materials.

In February 2023, Remilk received a “No Questions Letter” from the FDA and the Singapore Food Agency approving the company’s animal-free protein. Shortly after, the company made headlines, becoming the first precision fermentation startup to obtain regulatory approval for novel dairy proteins in Israel.

Following its approval in the US, Remilk’s protein was introduced in cream cheese products under General Mills’ brand, Bold Cultr. However, General Mills sadly discontinued the brand shortly after its launch.


New sustainable and kind proteins

Remilk, established in 2019, has secured over $120 million in funding for its precision fermentation platform, which allows the production of bioidentical whey protein without a single cow. Remilk claims that its approach allows for efficient and scalable manufacturing and “for the first time in history, eliminates the need for dairy cows in industrial-scale dairy production.”

Remilk manufactures its protein commercially through contract partner manufacturers at several locations worldwide with fermentation processes that are said to use less water and land and emit fewer greenhouse gases than traditional dairy, aligning with global sustainability goals.

“Remilk’s animal-free protein represents a breakthrough. We’re creating the new generation of food that is not only delicious and nutritious, but significantly more sustainable, and kind to our planet and animals.

“We are now ready to partner with leading food companies in the country and offer consumers a whole new experience of guilt-free indulgence,” adds Wolff. 

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