Tomorrow Farms and Perfect Day Launch Bored Cow “First-of-Its-Kind” Animal-Free Flavored Milks

Tomorrow Farms, a food technology company, is partnering with startup Perfect Day to launch Bored Cow – a first-of-its-kind flavored milk made from animal-free dairy proteins. Available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla varieties, with a fourth flavor coming this summer, the milk range is Tomorrow Farm’s first product. Bored Cow will be exclusively available online for direct shipping to the continental US beginning June 1. 

“We believe the Bored Cow brand will be synonymous with this exciting new category”

Made with Perfect Day’s precision-fermented whey protein, Bored Cow creates a milk replacement by adding plant-based ingredients to replicate the creaminess of cow’s milk. The finished product offers the same complete protein as animal-based dairy (8 grams per cup), 0 grams of sugar, plus essential milk nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. 

Bored Cow’s flavored milks are also free from antibiotics, lactose, gluten, nuts, and hormones.

“We started Tomorrow Farms with a belief that there’s a better way to make our favorite foods,” said Tomorrow Farms CEO Ben Berman. “That’s why we’re so happy to be partnering with Perfect Day to bring animal-free dairy milk right to consumers in their homes.”

Bored Cow Strawberry Milk
©Bored Cow

Berman adds, “We believe the Bored Cow brand will be synonymous with this exciting new category, offering an alternative to cow’s milk and plant-based milks that doesn’t compromise on taste, nutrition, texture and, most importantly, the future of our planet.”

Exciting a new generation

Earlier this month, Tomorrow Farms secured $8.5M in seed funding in an investment round that included Lowercarbon Capital, Maveron, and Valor Siren Ventures. Perfect Day has previously teamed up with companies like Betterland Foods to develop other cow-free milk products containing the startup’s whey protein.

Bored Cow Milk w/ Kid
©Bored Cow

“These new flavored milks from the visionary team at Tomorrow Farms extend our impact to consumers looking for a fun, planet positive, and nutritious choice for their families,” comments Ryan Pandya, Perfect Day co-founder and CEO. “This engaging brand makes the kinder, greener option exciting for the generations who are growing up into the future we are creating.”

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