Zero Acre Farms Says “The Day Has Finally Arrived. Cultured Oil is Here”

Zero Acre Farms, the cultured oil innovator backed by Robert Downey Jr., announces the release of its first product. Available now via the company’s website, the cultured oil is high in healthy mono-unsaturated fats and low in unhealthy poly-unsaturated fats, with a fraction of the carbon footprint of conventional cooking oils. 

All-purpose cooking oil with a purpose

Co-founder and CEO Jeff Nobbs stated yesterday: “The day has finally arrived. Cultured Oil is here, and officially for sale at zeroacre.com. It’s time to start saying goodbye to the era of unhealthy, unsustainable, and not-very-tasty vegetable oils.

“Cultured Oil is a cooking oil made by fermentation. We call it the all-purpose cooking oil with a purpose. Cultured Oil has even more healthy fats than olive oil and a 90% smaller environmental footprint than vegetable oil, with a super high smoke point and a clean, light, delicious taste. Cultured Oil is our first step toward a food system that doesn’t do so much harm.”

CEO and Cofounder Jeff Nobbs credit Zero Acre Farms
Jeff Nobbs ©Zero Acre Farms

The California-based company identified vegetable oils as one of the most consumed foods in the world and the fastest-growing sub-sector of global agriculture, coming with numerous health risks and environmental costs. In a recent interview with vegconomist, Nobbs declared: “We have a clear mission: to remove destructive vegetable oils from the food system.” 

Made using cultured fermentation processes, Zero Acre Farms claims its oils are not only healthier and far more environmentally friendly, but also more practical, boasting a higher smoke point. With the current crisis in cooking oil supplies affecting costs and distribution worldwide, the time is ripe for a cultured oil transition. 

©Zero Acre Farms

Robert Downey Jr & Richard Branson already onboard

Looking to open up a whole new category, Zero Acre Farms recently raised $37 million from star investors such as Robert Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition Ventures and Richard Branson, as it seeks to bring an end to the era of vegetable oils.

“We believe the solution to the massive problem of vegetable oils, and the lead domino in our battle against chronic disease and deforestation, lies in the original culinary art, after fire —fermentation,” Nobbs told vegconomist. “We’re leveraging this ancient culinary technique for a different purpose, to make healthy oils and fats that don’t destroy our environment.”

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