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Artisan-Inspired Baking Company Just Desserts Receives Certified Vegan Logo

Just Desserts has earned the Certified Vegan Logo, affirming that the company’s vegan products do not contain animal products and have not been tested on animals. Just Desserts offers fourteen vegan baked goods in the US and is soon launching a new line of vegan cupcakes. 

“The VEGAN.ORG certification validates that our vegan products fully conform to strict vegan standards, and we elected to utilize the leading independent Vegan certification to provide this assurance to our customers” noted Michael Mendes, CEO of Just Desserts.

“We have seen a significant interest from our retail partners, as consumers look for products that are safe for their children as well as their friends” according to Jarett Peppard, VP of Just Desserts. “Since Just Desserts is a tree-nut and peanut-free bakery and vegan products are free from dairy and eggs, we offer an exceptional dessert solution.”

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The certified logo is easily visible to consumers and helps vegans to shop without constantly consulting ingredient lists. In order for a product to be approved for Vegan Certification, it must not contain meat, fish, fowl, animal by-products, egg products, milk products, honey bee products, insects, or products from insects such as silk or dyes, or sugar filtered with bone char. Products must not have involved animal testing of ingredients or finished products by the supplier and may not be tested in the future. In order to be certified, products may not contain any animal-derived GMOs or animal-derived genes used to manufacture products. 

“We were required to have approval by the Vegan Awareness Foundation that acceptable steps are being taken to thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces, utensils, and machinery used between vegan and non-vegan production cycles to minimize cross-contamination” according to Ana Speros, Director of Marketing. “The certification process was extensive, and involved our raw material suppliers, which we believe is critical to protect the interest of our consumers.”

Just Desserts Vegan Midnight Chocolate Cake was awarded “Top Honors” in Product Innovation at the 2019 International Baking Industry Exhibition BEST in Baking Competition.

Just Desserts, a nut-free baking company, was founded in San Francisco in 1974 with a passion for making delicious clean label, hand-crafted desserts. All products are still made from scratch and are sold from coast to coast. 



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