Atomo Coffee Expands Upcycled, Beanless Coffee Availability Through Bluestone Lane Partnership

Seattle-based Atomo Coffee, which produces a beanless coffee alternative, has partnered with specialty coffee chain Bluestone Lane to distribute its espresso across all 58 of the chain’s locations in the United States. This new development marks a significant market expansion for Atomo, whose products were previously available exclusively at Gumption Coffee near Times Square in New York City.

“We’re not trying to replace coffee. We see an opportunity to build something together”

Atomo’s beanless coffee utilizes upcycled ingredients such as date pits, chicory root, and grape skin to replicate the molecular structure of traditional coffee. This method reportedly uses 94% less water and generates 93% fewer carbon emissions than conventional coffee production. Additionally, Atomo Coffee offers health benefits, including high antioxidant content and lower acidity.

Ed Hoehn, Atomo’s chief operating officer, expressed the company’s approach to its distribution strategy to Daily Coffee News: “Coffee shops are the only place we’re making our product available initially. For us, this is a bit of a love letter. Our product is a love letter to coffee. We’re not trying to replace coffee. We see an opportunity to build something together.”

Atomo Coffee
© Atomo Coffee

Expansion of production capabilities

Atomo Coffee recently opened a new upcycling facility in the Coachella Valley in California to process date pits, with the facility processing approximately 10,000 pounds of date pits daily from local farmers. Additionally, the company is set to open a 33,547-square-foot production plant and ingredient roastery in Seattle. This plant is expected to produce approximately 4 million pounds of Atomo products annually. According to Food Business News, the total investment for both facilities is approximately $12.5 million.

Atomo Coffee has gained recognition for its innovative approach, being named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024 and one of TIME’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024. The rollout of Atomo’s espresso in Bluestone Lane cafes will begin on April 22, with 10 locations across six major US metropolitan areas. The company has also made its beanless coffee available for further wholesale partnerships, with products available to serve as of April 22. 

Atomo Coffee
© Atomo Coffee

Trends in upcycled beverage production

Other companies are also leveraging upcycled ingredients to create sustainable beverage alternatives, including Singapore-based startup Prefer, which uses waste bread, soy milk pulp, and spent brewer’s grain to make bean-free coffee. Seeductive Foods, Kern Tec, and Hope and Sesame are making dairy alternatives using upcycled ingredients.

Nicholas Stone, CEO of Bluestone Lane, stated in a press release, “We’re thrilled to introduce Atomo’s beanless espresso across all Bluestone Lane locations. This presents an opportunity for our customers to enjoy an innovative coffee option that maintains our high standards for quality and taste while aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.”

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