Laird Superfood Launches Bright Cups – Compostable Coffee Pods Made With 85% Coffee Waste

Laird Superfood, a leading brand of functional coffee and superfood creamers, announces it has entered the single-use coffee pod category with Bright Cups.

“Stepping into a new product category, we’re eager to see where our new line of Bright Cups takes the brand”

An eco-friendly alternative to conventional coffee pods, Bright Cups are compatible with most single-serve coffee machines and made from plant-derived, BPI-certified materials. Bright Cups are currently available online through Laird’s website and on Amazon starting in May. Bright Cups features Laird’s best-selling Focus Mushroom Coffee, made from high-altitude coffee beans, blended with Lion’s Mane mushroom extracts and adaptogens. 

Coffee chaff

According to the brand, about 12 billion single-serve coffee pods are purchased every year, with the great majority ending up as waste in landfills. To reduce the environmental impact of Bright Cups, the pods are composed of 85% coffee chaff – the natural outer skin of the bean. Typically discarded as a byproduct of the roasting process, the chaff is repurposed and combined with other plant-derived materials to create the compostable cups. 

Laird Superfood Bright Cups Coffee Pods
©Laird Superfood

Providing better options

The brand says Bright Cups’ debut is timed to align with Earth Month, and that it chose to enter the pod category to offer more sustainable options for coffee drinkers. 

“As a brand and as consumers, we’ve spent years searching for a convenient single-serve coffee option that doesn’t cause harsh environmental impact.  Aligned with our eco-conscious values, we wanted to provide consumers with a sustainable alternative to plastic pods without compromising high-quality functional coffee that’s good for you and the environment,” said Andy Judd, the Chief Commercial Officer of Laird Superfood.

Laird Superfood founder
Laird Hamilton ©Laird Superfood

Laird was founded in 2015 by famed big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. The company offers a best-selling line of superfood vegan creamers and powdered milks. In 2021, it expanded its line with macadamia and oat-based creamers, as well as a collection of superfood baking mixes

“Stepping into a new product category, we’re eager to see where our new line of Bright Cups takes the brand and continue to create environmentally-friendly products,” Judd says. 

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