Plant-Based Cream Liqueur Brand LUSTRE Launches Across the UK

Drinks producer and distributor Global Brands is launching a plant-based cream liqueur at various bars, pubs, and late-night venues across the UK.

Known as LUSTRE, the liqueur will be available in three flavours — pineapple cream with rum, strawberry cream with tequila, and caffe latte cream with vodka. All flavours are described as “easy drinking” with “a thick, creamy mouthfeel”.

The liqueur’s base is made from a blend of soy protein and coconut oil. It is said to generate three times fewer carbon emissions per litre than dairy liqueurs, while requiring 95% less water to produce.

© Global Brands

Vegan liqueur

In 2018, Bailey’s became one of the first brands to launch a plant-based cream liqueur, while Bom Bom launched a hemp milk variety. Last year saw the introduction of two more vegan liqueurs — SCHILKIN’s Berlin Air Cold Coffee and Arctic Blue’s oat-based gin liqueur. In late 2021, hip-hop artist Cardi B launched a vegan alternative to another alcoholic product normally made with dairy — vodka-infused whipped cream.

“Post-pandemic, we have seen demand for lower ABV shots shoot up as an affordable and fun way to celebrate with friends,” said LUSTRE Head of Brand Charlie Leaver. “LUSTRE provides an opportunity to share a little luxury with friends in the form of a delicious creamy shot, that being plant-based is truly inclusive. We’re excited for LUSTRE to add its sheen to nights out in the UK.”

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