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BOCA Confirms Two Thirds of Product Line Now Vegan

BOCA, the Kraft owned company that has been producing vegetarian burgers since 1979, has announced they are changing the recipe of several of its products to make them 100% plant-based, in response to recent campaigning.

Animal rights organisation Compassion Over Killing has been campaigning Kraft Heinz to eliminate dairy and has collected nearly 50,000 signatures, including support from elite athletes and celebrities.

In the past months, BOCA has eliminated dairy from 8 of its 12 products, making these 8 offerings completely vegan.

This isn’t the first time Compassion Over Killing reached out to BOCA; in 2010 they persuaded the company to ditch eggs from their products.

“At BOCA, we understand there are consumers who follow a vegan lifestyle or who otherwise avoid dairy,” BOCA’s Brand Manager Eric Palmer commented. “The majority of BOCA’s products are now vegan, and we’ll continue to explore opportunities to expand those vegan offerings.”

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