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Brooklyn’s Lechia Launches Chia + Flax and Macadamia Milk Range Packed With Omega 3

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Lechia announces the launch of a new line of Chia + Flax and Macadamia milk products which the brand says are made sustainably and contain a huge 1200mg of Omega 3s. The plant-based milks are also certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, carrageenan-free, and non-GMO.

The New York based brand was founded by industry vet Kristen Palmer, previously of NadaMoo, Milkadamia, and Savorly. Lechia Macadamia nut milk is currently available in vanilla, unsweetened, and original flavors, as well as vanilla Chia & Flax milk. The brand states that Lechia milk has a creamy, light mouthfeel which makes it suitable for breakfasts, coffee drinks, baking, smoothies, and cocktails.

Lechia range
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“Filled with fiber, calcium and an excellent source of omega-3s, Lechia is redefining “milk”. Lechia has honed in on delivering a silky and nutrient-packed non-dairy alternative: a luscious, high quality plant-based milk perfect for frothing, mixing, baking, and drinking plain. The future of milk is here,” states the company on its website.

Lechia is currently available on Amazon with plans to roll out into retailers soon. 

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