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Aviko Rixona Uses Potatoes to Make “Healthiest Ever” Vegan Cheese

Aviko Rixona, a Dutch producer of dried potato products, has launched a plant-based cheese alternative made from potatoes.

Potato Cheezz is said to look and taste like dairy cheese, with a similar texture. However, the product is distinctive in that it is free of fat and salt, which according to Aviko makes it healthier than conventional cheese or any other plant-based alternative.

Potato Cheezz is available for food service in ten-kilogram blocks, and is said to be ideal for use in finger foods, snacks, and fillings for meat substitutes. A separate version is available for pizzas.

© Aviko Rixona

Potato-based dairy alternatives

Aviko Rixona is not the only company making alt dairy products out of potatoes. Sweden’s DUG has developed a highly successful range of potato-based milk alternatives, which are already available in the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland as well as the brand’s home country.

Another example is McCain-backed The Simple Root, which started out by introducing a range of creamy potato-based spreads and dips. The brand is now set to launch a selection of vegan cheeses made from potatoes and other root vegetables, starting with a cheddar alternative.

“We’ve developed a cheese that offers a no-compromise swap for plant-based menus, working perfectly in recipes from cheese toasties and pasta to pizzas,” The Simple Root’s UK CEO, Louise Wymer, told The Grocer.

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