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Cashew Cheese Brand I AM NUT OK Secures First UK-Wide Retail Listing with Ocado

I AM NUT OK, a UK producer of cashew-based cheese alternatives, has gained its first national listing at online supermarket Ocado.

The retailer will stock three of the plant-based cheeses — the parmesan alternative OH GRATE!, the cultured cashew feta Fetamorphosis, and the soy-based Bluffalo Notzarella. The cheese alternatives are made with a unique fermenting and aging process that uses real cheese cultures; by emphasising taste and transparency, I AM NUT OK aims to provide an “alternative to mass-produced and ultra-processed rubbery vegan cheese”.

“The brand is focused on developing a new category, products that are uniquely delicious in their own way and not just made for vegans but for people who love good food,” said co-founder Nivi Jasa. “Ocado is a trendsetter and our fermented cashew-based cheeses, although vegan, are relatable to anyone who loves a bold flavour!”

GOAT cheese lifestyle shot, I Am NUT OK

“Creating new expectations”

I AM NUT OK was founded in 2017, and has seen 50% growth since 2021 through its direct-to-consumer business. The brand has also launched at premium grocers such as Fortnum & Mason, Planet Organic, Selfridges, and most recently Whole Foods. Additionally, I AM NUT OK has numerous food service clients, including Yard Sale Pizza and Vagabond wine bars.

In 2022, the company appeared as a finalist on the TV show ALDI’s Next Big Thing, and also opened the vegan deli Third Culture in London. Co-founder Angela Chou later told vegconomist that the deli’s first few months had been “very hopeful”, despite opening at a challenging time.

“Our fermented cashew cheeses are focused on creating new expectations, not mimicking,” said Chou. “We have core products designed to help consumers relate to familiar usage moments, like salads, pastas, and pizzas, but we also curate an extensive artisanal range, perfect for Christmas cheese boards. These include hits like MinerThreat, Smoky Charcoal Wedge, and our CrackOn Black Pepper Log. We aren’t here to replace the dairy cheese category; we’re here to add to it.”

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