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Plant-Based Blue Cheese by Climax Foods Launches on Grocery Delivery Service Good Eggs

Plant-based cheese brand Climax Foods has announced that its multi-award-winning Climax Blue cheese has launched on grocery delivery service Good Eggs, which is active in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Described as a “bold and creamy plant-based alternative to traditional dairy blue cheese”, Climax Blue provides 15% protein and does not contain any major allergens. It is made from clean-label ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, and lima beans.

The cultured and aged cheese alternative was initially launched for food service last year at price parity with conventional blue cheese. With its blue-green veining and a texture described as “creamy and fudgy”, the product is said to be indistinguishable from dairy cheese. On LinkedIn, founder Oliver Zahn said that more official news about Climax Blue’s retail launches was coming soon.

After being unveiled last year, the plant-based cheese saw a hugely positive reception from chefs, with Dominique Crenn describing the product as “beyond imagination for a vegan cheese” and Matthew Kenney saying it “represents what I have been waiting for after 20 years as a plant-based chef”.

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New generation of cheese alternatives

Shortly after the launch of Climax Blue in 2023, Climax Foods announced a partnership with global cheese leader The Bel Group to develop a new generation of plant-based cheeses. The companies said they would launch products under Bel’s Laughing Cow, Kiri, Boursin, Babybel, and Nurishh brands, while Bel also revealed that it had acquired an equity stake in Climax Foods.

Additionally, Climax claimed last year that it had discovered the “first ever” plant-based ingredient that could replicate the performance of casein. Identified using data science and AI, the seed-based protein source could make it possible for vegan cheeses to melt and stretch like conventional dairy cheese.

“We are tapping into the rich diversity of the plant kingdom in a way that no other company has done before to create foods that are better in every way, and at scale,” said Zahn last year. “Moreover, the passion and excitement for Climax cheeses’ great taste by some of the world’s most celebrated chefs is especially meaningful as we look to grow our brand, and surprise and delight fans with every bite.”

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