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Quescrem Introduces Greenster Cream Cheese Made with Fermented Almonds

Quescrem, a Spanish company renowned for its constant innovation in the food sector, presents Greenster vegan cream cheese, made from almonds fermented in the manner of traditional cheese.

Greenster is a vegan alternative to traditional cream cheese, with no preservatives or artificial additives, offering an exceptional taste and creamy texture. Made of almonds, cultures, water and citrus fibre, the product is supplied in a recycled plastic container. 

Created using fermented local almonds, Greenster is made in line with the traditional cream cheese method, yet using almonds instead of milk. The result is a product with an exceptional taste that is healthier and has a lower environmental impact.

With a Nutriscore A, it is nutritionally superior to most fresh cheeses. In addition, its high fibre content provides consumers with a sense of everyday wellbeing.

Greenster cream cheese
© Quescrem

The use of local almonds in the production of Greenster helps reduce Quescrem’s carbon footprint compared to traditional cream cheese. In addition, recycled packaging contributes to the reduction of waste and pollution, helping consumers make a conscious, sustainable choice.

Created from a natural commitment

Greenster was created in response to the growing importance of environmental sustainability, transparency and healthy eating. Consumers increasingly value food safety, food provenance, nutritional content, and the sustainability of processes and products. Greenster is based on three key principles: innovation, nutritional quality, and environmental awareness.

As a plant-based product, Greenster helps reduce the carbon footprint and requires less agricultural land and natural resources than animal-based products, making it a more sustainable and environment-friendly option. Its recycled polypropylene packaging also helps reduce waste, taking another step towards environmental sustainability.

Greenster recipe book
© Quescrem

A good kitchen companion

Greenster is not only an excellent substitute for cream cheese but can also be the star ingredient in a variety of culinary applications, such as ice cream, cakes, mousses, snacks, and other savoury preparations. With a low saturated fat content and no preservatives or artificial additives, Greenster is the choice of the future for those looking for healthy, sustainable products.

Without a doubt, the future will be green or it won’t exist. Quescrem sets a milestone in vegan and sustainable food with Greenster, offering an innovative, nutritious and environment-friendly product.

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