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Vgarden & Brevel to Develop New Category of High Protein Microalgae Cheese

Vegan food manufacturer Vgarden, and microalgae-based alternative protein company Brevel, recently announced a collaboration to develop a new category of high-protein plant-based cheese. 

“We are confident that this will be a true revolution

Brevel will provide its microalgae protein which is neutral in color and flavor, allowing Vgarden to develop a rich-protein plant-based cheese that has no aftertaste. The new Brevel-enriched cheese will not compromise the real cheese experience, says Vgarden.

Brevel’s microalgae protein

Yonatan Golan, Brevel’s CEO and co-founder, said: “Brevel is actively working to solve the biggest nutrition challenges that exist today. We are achieving this by providing truly sustainable microalgae protein which is both color and flavor neutral, and available for the first time at an affordable cost for partners like Vgarden.” 

“We are excited that Vgarden will be the first to incorporate Brevel’s protein in its cheese products, and we are confident that this will be a true revolution for the vegan and flexitarian cheese eaters worldwide.”

Brevel team

Brevel claims its technology is the first to combine sugar-based microalgae fermentation with a high concentration of light at industrial scales, resulting in a color and flavor-neutral protein produced at low-price levels, even as low as pea and soy.

Vgarden’s challenge

Vgarden’s portfolio provides the plant-based food market with various alternative products, including plant-based cheese, meat, and fish products made using plant protein. Although the company has been enjoying success with its plant-based cheese, it has been a challenge to offer premium protein non-dairy cheese products to the market. 

With this new development, the company will expand its high-protein food portfolio with a cheese that “has the perfect blend of taste, texture, appearance and an important nutritional protein content.”

vgarden plant-based cheese cut on a wooden board
© Vgarden

“We are mapping uncharted territories”

Vgarden manufactures its cheese in Israel and, as of recently, also in Australia, following a joint venture with Cale & Daughters for local production. The new Brevel-enriched cheese will be manufactured in Israel, but Vgarden will enjoy a limited exclusivity period for using Brevel’s protein in Australia, explains Vgarden.

Ilan Adut, Vgarden’s CEO, said: “It has been a great experience working with the talented team at Brevel, whose truly unique microalgae protein ingredient will serve as a possible foundation for our future cheese offerings.”  

microalgae protein powder developed by brevel
© Brevel

“We are mapping uncharted territories, and together with Brevel, we will continue to innovate, excel, and contribute to the changing food industry as we all navigate towards a more sustainable, conscious, and nutritious destination,” he added.

The company plans to introduce the new plant-based cheese to local markets in Australia, the United States, the UK, Western Europe, and other regions by 2023. 

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