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ChickP Develops High-Foaming Chickpea-Based Creamer for the Perfect Cappuccino

ChickP, Ltd., an Israel-based leader in plant proteins, this week announces the introduction of protein isolates customized for barista-style coffee drinks. The company has developed a nutritious chickpea-based creamer that contains all nine essential amino acids. The development follows the product’s success as an egg replacement for plant-based mayonnaise.

“It has a rich texture, and provides smooth, stable full foaming, with a white color perfect for showcasing the most artful barista’s skills.”

ChickP states that its technology extracts pure protein from the chickpea while removing bitterness, resulting in an ingredient that demonstrates excellent foaming capabilities and offers a neutral flavor. Additionally, the plant-based barista milk contains 3% protein, compared to many existing plantbased barista products which typically contain less than 1% protein, according to the company.

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ChickP announced the hiring of new CEO Liat Lachish Levy this January and the closing of its $8 million Series A funding round. Says Lachish Levy: “Plant-based barista drinks set new challenges. Consumers want a holistic, better-for-you, yet full flavor experience. Our technologists took full advantage of our new state-of-the-art application lab to overcome organoleptic and technical challenges in creating creamy, dairy-free ‘milk’ for the perfect cappuccino.”

Twenty applications in development

“We currently are developing over twenty plant-based applications with leading food and beverage companies with our pure ChickP protein,” reports Lachish Levy. “Our customers turned to us to solve major challenges of plant-based products and we were able to provide comprehensive solutions in terms of flavor, complete nutrition profile, and functionality. Together with our customers and partners, we are unlocking the potential of our ChickP protein to offer the best solutions across multiple applications. Our customers confirm that ChickP isolate offers the best dairy-like solution on the market today.”

“Our ChickP protein ticks all the boxes,” she concludes: “It’s packed with highly nutritious complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids. But more than that, it has a rich texture, and provides smooth, stable full foaming, with a white color, perfect for showcasing the most artful barista’s skills.”

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