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Daring Launches New Plant Chicken Tenders in Grocery Store Meat Departments

Plant-based chicken leader Daring announces the launch of its new Plant Chicken Tenders, the company’s first product to be sold next to refrigerated animal-based meats. The tenders are now available at 400 US retailers including Sprouts, Erewhon, Dierbergs, New Seasons and Pete’s Market. 

Made similarly to Daring’s existing products, the Plant Chicken Tenders are larger in size than Daring’s Original Plant Chicken Pieces and sold fresh instead of frozen. As with the current plant-based line, Daring says its new tenders are uniquely textured and versatile with a savory and juicy chicken-like flavor. 

Daring Foods Plant-Based Chicken
©Daring Foods

A rapid rise

Nutrition-wise, the tenders offer a good source of fiber with high protein and zero cholesterol. They are also gluten-free, low-fat and non-GMO. The product is the latest innovation by Daring, whose existing range includes Original, Breaded, Cajun, and Lemon & Herb Chicken Pieces. 

Founded in the UK, Daring has raised $120M to fuel its mission of removing chickens from the global food system. With young and edgy branding, the company arrived in the US in 2020, and quickly expanded to major retailers including Costco, Whole Foods and Walmart. The brand is backed by a powerful list of celebrities, including rapper Drake, superstar DJ Steve Aoki, tennis player Naomi Osaka and NFL star Cam Newton. 

Daring Chicken Slice

A fresh new take

“We are so excited to be expanding Daring’s product line, offering our consumers the ability to choose from fresh or frozen plant chicken products,” says Ross Mackay, founder and CEO of Daring. “At Daring, we’re constantly striving to create the simplest most natural form of animal protein without the animal, and with this launch we’re able to provide a fresh new take on our beloved Plant Chicken Pieces.”

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