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Dr. Praeger’s Joins Fake Meat Category With the Perfect Burger

Today, Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods is entering the plant-based fake meat category with another realistic patty to join the increasing list of plantbased and cultured meat alternative burgers with superlative names such as Impossible, Incredible, Awesome, Imposter, Unbelieveable, and now Dr. Praeger’s addition which is being launched as the Perfect Burger.

Dr. Praeger’s is a family operated producer of vegetarian burgers since 1992, well-known for making burgers in the traditional vegetable style. The company has today introduced the Perfect Burger, made from a mix of vegetables, including sweet potato, butternut squash and carrot, in a bid to stay relevant and keep up with the market. At present the product is only being made available for foodservice.

The new product is said to cook “just like beef on the grill or stove-top” and is soy free, gluten-free,and vegan. It contains 20g of non-GMO plant protein, 15% less sodium and the press release states it has “22% less fat per serving than the leading meat-y veggie burger.”

“The meat-alternative burger market lacks a tasty, vegan burger that contains a short and simple ingredient list,” says Larry Praeger of Dr. Praeger’s, “The Perfect Burger provides all the flavor you want from a traditional beef burger, but with clean plant-based protein and ingredients you can taste with each flavorful bite.”

It will prove interesting as to whether the another new burger will compete in what must be an almost saturated market for realistic vegan burgers, or whether the market will continue to expand on the current trajectory.

Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burger will be available at restaurants and foodservice across the country. For availability, check out

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