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Evo Foods Opens Preorders For Plant-Based Egg Products, Sells 1000+ in 24 Hours

On August 1st, India’s Evo Foods opened preorders in Mumbai for its new plant-based egg products — protein patties and cubes in Original and Peri Peri flavours.

Just 24 hours later, sales had reached over a thousand units, despite the fact that preorders were only available to newsletter subscribers and the brand had not paid for any advertisements. This success is a testament to the growing demand for plant-based products in India.

“World’s first”

In March, Evo unveiled what it claimed was the world’s first heat-stable plant-based boiled egg. The following month, the brand showcased the product in the US for the first time, alongside its existing liquid eggs.

©Evo Foods

Evo’s success has partly been made possible by a funding round last year, which was one of the largest ever seed rounds for an Indian food startup. Several high-profile investors participated, including Sustainable Food Ventures, VegInvest, and Kale United.

Evo also revealed in May that it is collaborating with Ginkgo Bioworks in an attempt to build plant-based egg proteins more quickly and affordably. Currently, egg alternatives are significantly more expensive than conventional eggs in India.

“Consumers in India and all around the world are craving nutritious and affordable egg alternatives, and Evo is on a mission to accomplish that,” said co-founder and COO Shraddha Bhansali.

Evo’s new protein patties and cubes will ship from August 8.

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