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Plant-Based Brand Hegg Enters Egg Section of Cold Storage Stores Across Singapore

Singaporean egg alternatives brand Hegg has announced a partnership with the country’s largest egg distributor, Dasoon. The collaboration will see Hegg launch at supermarket chain Cold Storage, stocked in the egg section. This is Hegg’s first supermarket launch, and also marks the first time Dasoon has entered the plant-based industry.

Hegg’s flagship product, Eggless Egg, is a plant-based egg powder made from a proprietary protein blend. It has 93% less fat than a chicken egg, no major allergens, and a protein content close to that of conventional eggs. Ten grams of Eggless Egg powder are mixed with 40 grams of water to replace one egg.

“We have observed the growing demand for plant-based food products and how Singaporean consumers have become more health conscious, especially after the pandemic. With Hegg’s products offering nutritious benefits and versatility that closely resembles that of chicken eggs, it is natural for us to partner with them,” said Dasoon Director Sng Kaijun.

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Ensuring food resiliency

Hegg launched during the pandemic as a subsidiary of Singaporean food tech company Hoow Foods. Hoow used its proprietary AI technology, RE-GENESYS, to develop the egg alternative; one of the aims was to contribute to Singapore’s “30 by 30” goal of producing 30% of the country’s nutritional needs locally.

Since then, two more Hegg products have been developed. The first is Eggless Kaya (a jam traditionally made from coconut and eggs), produced in collaboration with Singaporean heritage brand Killiney Kopitiam. The second is Eggless Mayo, which launched on various e-commerce platforms last month. Both use Eggless Egg as a base.

“Around the world, we have seen increases in egg prices due to factors such as avian flu and rising feed costs. While Singapore has been diversifying its egg sources to mitigate these challenges, we have to ensure the country’s food resiliency, especially during unprecedented times, by boosting local products,” said Hegg CEO Ow Yau Png.

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