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Nestlé Launches Plant-Based Egg Product in Latin America

Following last week’s news of the F&B conglomerate’s vegan foie gras product for Spanish and Swiss retail, Nestlé announces it has developed a plant-based powdered egg mix which is being tested under the Malher brand in Central America, with plans to expand to further markets within Latin America.

The egg product is soy based, suitable for scrambled eggs and omelettes, and according to Nestle offers a reduced amount of saturated fat and cholesterol but with the same protein at an affordable price.

Nestle launched a vegan egg alternative under the Garden Gourmet brand last summer, called vEGGie, along with a plant-based shrimp called Vrimp. It states that “R&D teams are also exploring novel solutions for affordable, time-stable protein blends that can be used as meat alternatives in certain geographies with a limited cold storage supply chain.”

Nestle egg shrimp

Torsten Pohl, head of Nestlé‘s Food Products and Technology Centre, said: “Eggs are one of the most widely used sources of protein. With this unique solution, we wanted to offer an affordable and nutritious solution that could be used to replace part of the eggs when cooking egg-based dishes. The plant-based dry mix also provides an equivalent amount of quality protein and less cholesterol, while ensuring a good taste and texture”.

“We are excited to test this new concept in Central America, where egg dishes are an important source of protein for many. By replacing some eggs with this stable vegetable protein, we will not only provide an affordable alternative, but also a sustainable alternative that many people can use when cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner,” says Lourdes Muñoz, Regional Manager for Central America at Nestlé.

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