Egg Alternatives

Ouvegg Arrives to Provide Spanish Consumers With a Versatile, Bird-Free Egg

Spain’s HEVO Group announces the commercialization of Ouvegg, a vegan egg alternative which is the result of years of R&D to achieve a product with a similar behavior and properties to conventional poultry eggs.

The texture of Ouvegg is said to be similar to that of a beaten egg, offering versatility and allowing for a wide variety of preparations from tortillas, scrambled eggs, and batters.

Clean-label ingredients such as chickpea and flax flour, corn starch, nutritional yeast, vegetable protein, salt, and turmeric are used to make Ouvegg. All ingredients are rich in protein and micronutrients for a product free of gluten and additives and free of bulking agents, binders, or other excipients.

Tortilla made with Ouvegg
© Ouvegg

Packaging similar to that of a conventional dozen

Ouvegg is presented in a white PET Doypack format with zip and heat-sealing of 120 grams, equivalent to a dozen eggs. It is very easy to use: just add water, mix well, and leave to stand for 5 minutes before starting to cook.

In the words of the general manager of HEVO Group, Agusti Roig, “One of the achievements we hope to achieve is to consolidate and grow in a channel such as the large-scale distribution channel in which this product had not yet been introduced and to make it much more affordable and accessible for the end consumer, who will be able to acquire it more easily and conveniently by finding it at the same point of sale where they do the rest of their shopping.”

Ouvegg is currently available in large supermarkets such as Alcampo, Carrefour, Makro, Supsa, and Casa Ametller.

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