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Firmenich Launches Exclusive Natural Solution For Recreating the Juiciness of Meat in Vegan Alternatives

Swiss flavour and fragrance developer Firmenich this week unveiled Dynarome® SR. This innovative natural ingredient has been created to give consumers an even more authentic experience when consuming plant-based meat alternatives. In particular, to recreate the juiciness of animal meat.

“With this innovation, we strive to develop products that consumers will love. For meat alternatives in particular, this means providing our customers with solutions to meet a growing demand from flexitarian consumers for a meat-like taste experience,” said Antje Ratz, Vice President of Firmenich’s SmartProteins® programme.

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She continued: “The juiciness, succulence and fat persistence of meat are key sensory cues that Dynarome® SR offers for the development of plant-based alternatives. We look forward to exploring this new product line with our customers to create even tastier meat alternatives.”

In 2019, in light of the popularity of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets, Firmenich has created its SmartProteins® range, which allows producers to develop plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products without compromising on taste.

“We are on a trajectory of continuous innovation and Firmenich is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of taste, flavour masking and texture for its SmartProteins® range. We are excited about the development of Dynarome® SR, as well as several new technologies in development that will further enhance the success of our customers’ brands,” said Mark Rubin, senior flavourist at Firmenich.



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