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Flower Burger to Open More Los Angeles Locations in 2022

International burger concept Flower Burger plans to grow its brand and open more restaurants across the LA region in 2022. The Italian chain is known for its striking rainbow buns made from natural ingredients like turmeric, spirulina, beetroot extract, and cherry powder. Founded in Milan in 2015, the singular concept now has 20 locations across Italy, France, the UK, the Netherlands and most recently, the United States.

Flower Burger arrived in Los Angeles this past spring as a takeout-only kitchen before launching a brick-and-mortar location at 640 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood. Now, the made-for-Instagram burger shop is planning to take on LA’s famous burger culture by opening multiple new restaurants in the city throughout 2022. 

©Flower Burger

Custom Made Ingredients

From the vibrant buns to special sauces and veggie patties, Flower Burger makes nearly all of the company’s own products. The patties are classic veggie-style created from a variety of grains, beans, lentils and vegetables, and the company also crafts its own dairy-free cheese and mayo. Founded by Italian entrepreneur Matteo Toto, Flower Burger aims to bridge the world of plant-based cuisine with fun and whimsical design. All of the restaurants feature a colorful, hippie-inspired look and feel that invites every guest, no matter their dietary preferences, to enjoy a delicious plant-based burger. 

©Flower Burger

Looking Ahead

Flower Burger was brought to the US by LA-based entrepreneur Elena Platt, who fell in love with the brand during a trip to Italy. She was joined by restaurateur Barbara Lazaroff, and both business partners have committed to bringing the brand to more cities across the country.

In an interview with vegconomist earlier this year, Flower Burger’s Toto commented: “People do not always associate vegan food with fun and enjoyment. Flower Burger is about changing this perception, with a psychedelic brand and restaurant décor that fits a natural, great-tasting and unique product that we produce ourselves.”



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