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Food Giant Premier Foods Launches Range of Plant-Based Cakes and Soups

UK food giant Premier Foods, announce the launch of a new range of plant-based desserts, cakes and soups. The company suffered significant losses after some controversy owing to a pension discrimination scandal, and this appears to be a move to regain profits and raise share prices. The company stated that the new vegan line is a response to “current customer trends.”

Premier Foods, whose portfolio includes household names such as Mr Kiplings cakes, Ambrosia rice and custard and Oxo cubes, said its new range will target the growning group of consumers seeking plantbased and vegan products. The Plantastic brand´s first rollouts will include dessert pots and cake bars.

MD Alex Whitehouse said, “Consumer testing results show that the products have wide consumer appeal, particularly with younger shoppers, who are among those driving the overall move towards plant-based diets.” He added that this marks a “significant achievement for our technical team, who had to develop innovative solutions to deliver high-quality products using plant-based ingredients”.

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