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France Is Developing Clean Fois Gras

Suprême, a French start-up company, is developing a cruelty free fois gras which they claim is 100% ethical, uses no GMO ingredients, and is antibiotic free.

Influenced by the rise of the ‘cultured’ or ‘clean’ meat industry, Suprême’s version of the French classic pâté is made from cells extracted from a duck egg; these cells are then grown by “feeding” them basic nutrients and adjusting the levels of “good fats”. The website states that the result is “a delicious and 100% ethical foie gras.”

Fois Gras is banned in some parts of the world, because of the exceptional level of cruelty to ducks and geese involved in the production process. Many celebrities and most animal rights groups outspokenly condemn the practice, which is a traditional delicacy from France, but popular in French cuisine around the world.

There are many startups around the world that are on a mission to create realistic meat products without the need for factory farming. The new innovations are coming at a time when veganism is increasingly being turned to as a saviour to the global devastation caused by animal farming. The increased awareness of climate change is opening the worlds’ eyes to the damage human consumption has caused. Clean meat reportedly uses significantly less land and water than the traditional method of producing meat, creates less carbon dioxide and spares the suffering of billions of animals. Cell-based meat could also eliminate anti-microbial resistance and food contamination.

Simultaneously, as veganism grows it evolves; the new wave of vegans are interested in ‘meat’ that doesn’t come from animals or animal production, hence the rush from food tech companies to quickly release innovative cruelty- free foods.

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