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Germany: Garden Gourmet Sells Five Million Incredible Burgers in Four Months

The Nestlé subsidiary Garden Gourmet has sold more than five million burgers in Germany in the four months since its launch this April. This figure impressively underlines the high level of interest in plant-based products in Germany.

Hubert Stücke, member of the Executive Board of Nestlé Germany and responsible for the Garden Gourmet brand, recently commented at a meeting with media representatives in Frankfurt: “I have rarely experienced such dynamism with a single product in all these years. Garden Gourmet will refine the recipe for the Incredible Burger, which will taste even more like meat.”

The company has also announced that it will launch a vegan mince to the market in October. Many consumers prefer not to consume Nestlé products for ethical reasons, but these figures show that Germany especially has been a conducive market for its Garden Gourmet subsidiary.

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