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Germany’s NIC Veg Burger Says “100% Vegan Will Become the New Normal”

Under the motto “Meat can be veg”, NIC Veg Burger has opened a new location, this time in the German town of Karlsruhe, to a rush of visitors.

The Karlsruhe NIC offers 100 seats over 250 square metres, with ten employees serving fast food from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm.

Karlsruhe and Stuttgart are just the beginning of a far-reaching expansion strategy; NIC founder and owner Holger Hutmacher believes that “100 per cent vegan will become the new normal. The successful launches in Stuttgart and now also here in Karlsruhe show us that. Anyone who tries our burgers will do without burgers with meat in the future and thus automatically reduce their meat consumption.”

Nic Burger slogan
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“It was important to us to create a place that provides cross-generational access to vegan food. As our opening hours are initially aligned with those of the Ettlinger Tor Center, we not only reach visitors to the mall with our offer, but also create an attractive lunch offer for those who work nearby with our business lunch offer for €9.59 with a burger of choice, fries, soft drink and a vegan soft ice cream for dessert.”

Meat can be veg

The development of the recipes for burgers, fries etc. took over a year. Buns, patties and sauces – all recipes developed in-house – consist of high-quality nationally sourced ingredients according to the company.

“We have developed vegan burger alternatives that taste just like conventional beef or chicken burgers. Our alternative to the meat patty tastes like a freshly ground burger patty. That’s why we affectionately call it meaty. What’s more, at 100g, the patty puts more into the bun than is the case with conventional burgers,” says Hutmacher.

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