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GoodDot Selling 15K Vegan Ready Meals a Day in India

Indian plant-based meat alternative start-up GoodDot sells 10,000-15,000 plant-based ready meals a day and plans further expansion.

GoodDot uses pea protein, wheat gluten, soy protein and flour for a unique blend that results in a product which tastes just like meat and can be used as a replacement for mutton or chicken. GoodDot’s products don’t need to be refrigerated and have a shelf life of a year.

GoodDot currently have ten outlets in India and are planning to open at least 30 food trucks across the country. To fund the growth, GoodDot has recently raised sums from individual investors and $200,000 from New Crop Capital, the company which also invested in Beyond Meat. 

Bruce Friedrich, executive director at Good Food Institute and advisor for GoodDot, says the aim is to produce plant-based meat alternative at the fraction of the cost of global competitors.


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