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Hemp-Based Plant Meat to be Produced in Europe

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Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Limited (Roots) of Israel announces it has secured a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) with leading organic hemp grower and hemp food manufacturer Hempoint s.r.o. of the Czech Republic to advance a number of opportunities in the hemp plant-based meat sector.

Other hemp meat companies exist such as the Craft Meat Company in New Zealand, but this agreement would appear to indicate the first production of hemp meat in Europe.

Hemp seed is a lean source of plant-based protein, with a very low-fat content. It contains no cholesterol or saturated fat and carries all of the required amino acids needed to help repair muscle cells, regulate the nervous system and boost brain function.

Hempoint is part of the CzecHemp cluster, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation of private and public companies, and R&D focused groups actively developing the Czech hemp and medicinal cannabis industry. The company is considering the technical development and sourcing of protein from hemp for plant-based meat product initiatives.

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Both parties are currently assessing the commercial use of hemp protein in plant-based meat products and a definitive agreement is expected within 60 days Roots. CzecHemp is currently collaborating with a number of academic institutions to develop a range of proprietary methods to increase hemp protein from seeds to higher levels of total plant protein.

Roots’ plant-based meat division is collaborating with industry partners and developing go-to-market strategies that would allow growers and product creators to use RZTO for protein-based plant use in the growing artificial meats industry.

Roots Executive Chairman and CEO, Boaz Wachtel said: “There has been very strong interest in Roots’ plant-based meat department and this LOI with Hempoint represents the first agreement the Company has inked off following several inbound enquiries, especially regarding organic substances for plant-based meat.

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“We are very confident this LOI will unlock opportunities in this rapidly growing sector and provide Roots with a springboard into Europe’s large plant-based meats market. Our immediate next step with Hempoint will be to explore protein increase technology owned by the Academy and also check the effects of RZTO on hemp growing.

“We are confident that the technology will have a positive effect on the plant as per previous proof of concept tests. With a shortage of other plant-based meat crops like peas and beans, demand for hemp will surely increase. We anticipate a steady update of announcements as Roots and Hempoint advance this very encouraging collaboration.”

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