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HLTHPUNK: Disrupting The Sauce Industry with Punk-Inspired Vegan Flavor

When it comes to making condiments, most brands stick to a familiar formula of traditional ingredients and flavors. But at least one art-inspired brand, HLTHPUNK, is setting out to bring a plant-based “punk revolution” to the conventional sauce industry. 

World’s first oat mayo

Founded by designer Richard LaSalle, HLTHPUNK produces a cult-favorite line of organic, clean-label sauces crafted with superfood ingredients. Along with the popular UFO Burger Sauce, the brand sells Bionnaise, the world’s first oat-based vegan mayo, as well as signature mustard, smoked harissa and tomato paste. 

According to HLTHPUNK, all of its creations meet strict US and European organic standards, and are crafted without gluten, soy, lactose, or preservatives. To sweeten its products, HLTHPUNK uses licorice, oats, date syrup, or raw cane sugar instead of refined sugar. The brand also adds superfoods like acerola, ashwagandha, turmeric, maca, and reishi to enrich its products’ nutritional value. 

HLTHPUNK Bionnaise
Bionnaise ©HLTHPUNK

Contributing to the planet

According to LaSalle, having a positive environmental impact is a central part of the brand’s ethos. Thus, its sauces come in recyclable and biodegradable tubes, while the brand donates 2% of sales to support biodynamic, regenerative farming. “Globally, we’re more aware than ever that our actions have a tremendous impact on all of our health and well-being,” the company says online. “We set out to create flavor-forward modern pantry staples that contribute to a much bigger picture.”

HLTHPUNK’s products, which have also prestigious awards for product design, can be purchased online via its website, or through retailers like Amazon and Hive.


“Question everything”

In an interview with Feducate, LaSalle explained the company’s punk-inspired ethos: “A punk is somebody who questions everything, who chooses freely, and takes responsibility for their actions…We are a group of people who say ‘Hey, this normal world of everybody living within these parameters is not something we want to do. We want to create our own world. We want to be our own people. We want to be individuals.”

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