Chr. Hansen Launches Culture Range to Keep Alt-Meat Products Fresh for Longer

Global bioscience company Chr. Hansen has launched the VEGA™ SAFEPRO® range, which keeps alt-meat products fresh and safe for longer.

The range features three cultures that can be used either alone or in combination, using fermentation to prevent the growth of yeast, mould, and contaminants. According to Chr. Hansen, the new cultures could also help manufacturers reduce the amount of sodium in their products, as salt is currently often used as a preservative.

This is Chr. Hansen’s first foray into alt-meat, after the company previously launched the VEGA™ Culture Kit for dairy alternatives in 2021.

Chr Hansen fermented
©Chr Hansen

Plant-based solutions by Chr. Hansen

In April 2020, Chr. Hansen announced it was participating in MISTA, a startup optimiser developing sustainable, innovative foods. Through the collaboration, Chr. Hansen planned to develop fermented plant-based solutions.

By November of that year, the company had launched a culture to keep fermented plant-based products fresh for longer, and it continues to innovate within the sector.

“We hope that with VEGA™ SAFEPRO®, our customers come to see us as a close partner as they innovate new offerings for plant-based meat alternatives, meeting the challenge of creating delicious products that are safe from the start and stay safe for a longer time,” said Zdenek Cech, Business Development Manager for Plant-Based Meat Alternatives at Chr. Hansen.

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