BENEO Launches Rice, Wheat, and Fava Protein Concentrates for Healthy Pet Diets

German ingredients manufacturer BENEO has introduced a new range of high-quality and non-GMO vegetal protein concentrates — a toolbox for manufacturers developing natural, plant-based pet food products for healthy pet diets.

“Many producers are willing to explore new protein sources”

Featuring locally sourced, non-GMO rice, wheat gluten, and faba protein, BENEO claims its new range of concentrates provides specific nutritional and technical benefits such as high protein content, high digestibility, and excellent amino acid profiles. 

“Pet food manufacturers are increasingly facing lower availability and price volatility, mainly for meat (co)products. As a result, many producers are willing to explore new protein sources and diversify their portfolio,” says Beneo.

BENEO launches a range of plant protein concentrates for healthy pet diets


BENEO claims that its rice concentrate provides approximately 80% of proteins. It is highly digestible, offering essential amino acids such as methionine, cysteine, phenylalanine, and tyrosine, which are involved in major metabolic processes and support a pet’s normal and healthy growth. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic (6 in 10 cat and dog owners look for allergen-free pet food). 

Wheat gluten

The company’s vital wheat gluten has a high protein density of 80% and offers a beneficial amino acid profile, rich in glutamine and tyrosine. It has viscoelastic properties that enhance dried food’s texture or “chunkiness” in wet food. Its water absorption capacity provides juiciness in semi-moist or wet pet food, capable of replacing spray-dried plasma.  


Fava bean

According to BENEO, its faba bean protein concentrate is an excellent replacement for animal and soy proteins, suitable for creating “no grain” pet food for healthy pet diets. Its amino acid profile counts with high levels of lysine, glutamine, and a significant amount of arginine. It offers exceptional solubility and outstanding functionality for wet pet food (soft and light mousse-like gels). Furthermore, faba beans have exceptional growing and harvesting sustainability credentials, says Beneo.

“BENEO has long-standing experience in developing and producing plant-based functional ingredients for food, feed, and pharmaceutical products. Plant-based solutions are thus in our genes,” Andreas Herber, Member of the Executive Board at BENEO, said in a vegconomist interview.

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