Cargill’s RadiPure® Pea Protein to Be Available in META & Indian Markets

Cargill’s RadiPure® pea protein is set to launch in India and the META (Middle East, Turkey, and Africa) region. The company says the product will help food and beverage manufacturers respond to changing market trends.

According to Cargill, RadiPure has emulsifying, viscosifying and gelation properties, as well as the solubility and flavour profile required for product development. As a result, the protein can be used for a wide range of applications, such as meat and dairy alternatives, bakery products, and snacks.

Additionally, RadiPure is very digestible and has a good amino acid profile. Research shows that consumers in the META region are increasingly searching for products high in protein, with many also searching for plant-based options.

Cargill Foods META Enrichment Category Leader Banu Oksun (PRNewsfoto/Cargill META)

Cargill goes plant-based

Though best known as a meat producer, Cargill has increasingly been venturing into the plant-based sector over the past few years. The company launched its own plant-based range, Plant Ever, in 2020, saying it intended to compete with Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

“No individual protein source can solely feed the world. While consumers are looking for alternatives to increase their protein intake, they do not want to compromise on taste and texture. Our RadiPure® pea protein helps us meet this growing demand in the market,” said Banu Oksun, Cargill Foods META Enrichment Category Leader.

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