Crespel & Deiters Group Brings 160 Years of Wheat-Based Ingredient Expertise to US Manufacturers

The Crespel & Deiters Group, a leading producer of wheat-based solutions in Germany, announces its expansion into the US market with a newly founded subsidiary in Chicago, Illinois: Crespel & Deiters Food USA LP. 

“We are confident that we can also convince our American customers of their functionality”

The Crespel & Deiters Group has been working with wheat processing for more than 160 years. Its unique value chain involves producing premium-quality wheat solutions for food and other applications using state-of-the-art technologies, sustainable processes (locally sourced ingredients and manufacturing), and innovative strength. 

Crespel Deiters Group's different wheat texturates
© Crespel & Deiters Group

Wheat as raw material

Using wheat as the main raw material, the Group develops and manufactures products ranging from “texturates” (TVP) to animal feed to corrugation paper or highly specialized functional applications, each category managed by a different brand. 

Loryma, the Group’s brand producing wheat-based food ingredients, has developed a range of “texturates” called the LoryTex designed to provide an “authentic meat-like texture” to plant-based meats while allowing food scientists and manufacturers room for formulation and design. Loryma experts also offer system solutions to assist customers with their product development.

In February 2022, the Group acquired the Dutch company Extruded Cereal Products B.V., a high-protein food solutions firm, to expand and accelerate its revenue growth in the plant-based and high-protein market.

Philipp Deiters member of the executive board
Philipp Deiters © Crespel & Deiters Group

American customers

The increasing demand for sustainable plant-based products, especially alt meat, gives the company a unique opportunity to introduce its functional wheat-based ingredients to plant-based food manufacturers in North America, said the Group in the announcement.

The company’s new sales staff will offer its range of non-GMO functional wheat-based ingredients and application-oriented manufacturing expertise to US customers. To keep the delivery of its products on time, Crespel & Deiters Food USA has invested in local storage capacities.

Philipp Deiters, a Crespel & Deiters executive board member, explains: “By specializing in wheat, we have built up a wealth of experience with time. Our company’s mission is to maximize using this renewable raw material to create innovative solutions. This allows our customers to achieve more with less, all with the purpose of cooperating to conserve our planet’s resources. We are confident that we can also convince our American customers of their functionality.”

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