DSM Launches Functional Ingredients Toolkit to to Help Companies Develop Fermented Plant-Based Dairy

DSM announces the launch of its new extensive, functional ingredients toolkit, the Plant Power Toolkit, to help companies develop fermented plant-based dairy products such as yogurts.

“We’re excited to offer innovative solutions to help brands excel in this dynamic market”

DSM’s new toolkit aims to empower manufacturers by taking the complexity out of formulating fermented products, enabling a faster product launch.

“As specialists in dairy and plant-based fermentation, we’re excited to offer innovative solutions to help brands excel in this dynamic market and co-create exceptional products,” commented Neleke van Nieuwenhuijzen, Global Product Application Expert, Fermented Plant Solutions at DSM. 

Woman drinking oat milk

The global plant-based dairy alternative market is valued at €18 billion and is growing by 4.5% each year. However, consumers expect to experience the taste, texture, and health benefits of dairy in alternative products, argues DSM. The Plant Power Toolkit, which aims to bridge the nutritional gap in the plant-based dairy category, includes four new, specifically designed starter cultures capable of developing fermented products with such properties.

Additionally, the toolkit offers five ready-to-use consumer concepts that showcase their uses in new plant-based fermented products across various substrates, including coconut, canola, oat, pea, and soy. 

Evolving consumer preferences

Featuring enzymes, cultures, hydrocolloids, proteins, and nutritional solutions, DSM says its formulas achieve the desired characteristics of dairy, such as mildness, freshness, and smoothness. 

The company explains that other enzymatic solutions for oat dairy, hydrocolloids, gellan gums, and pectins can further contribute to fine-tuning the mouthfeel, creaminess, shininess, and shelf life of alternative dairy products. 

“The Plant Power Toolkit’s new cultures and ready-to-use concepts will further enable manufacturers to meet evolving consumer preferences. And we’re not stopping here, keep an eye out for further additions to the portfolio as our team of experts work to improve the taste, texture, and health of plant-based fermented products,” added van Nieuwenhuijzen.

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