Gavan’s “Pivotal Achievement” in Plant-Based Fat Could See Vegan Brioche Go Mainstream

Israeli food tech startup Gavan introduces FaTRIX, a series of high-performance, plant-based protein-based fat substitutes that the company claims can replicate the functionality of animal fat.

“Our Fat matrix opens the door to a world of new possibilities for bakery and food formulators

FaTRIX, according to Gavan, is an excellent alternative to butter and other fats used in bakery products and is also applicable to different plant-based food categories, including meat, dairy, and chocolate.

Gavin launches a plant-based protein fat to replace butter in bakery and other foods
Image courtesy of Gavan

A pivotal achievement

Following successful pilot trials of FaTRIX in multiple bakery products, Gavan says it delivers the desired sensory and shelf-life properties often missing in plant-based pastries. In one trial, FaTRIX successfully replaced butter in a soft and airy brioche, yielding a five-fold reduction in saturated fat.

“This marks a pivotal achievement for us, as butter has long been considered the irreplaceable key element in brioches,” comments Uri Jeremias, co-founder of Gavan. “FaTRIX is a solution that boasts the same workability as dairy butter, without needing a long list of added ingredients,” he adds.

“Traditionally, pastries have relied on fats derived from animals. Our Fat matrix opens the door to a world of new possibilities for bakery and food formulators,” said Itai Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Gavan.

FaTRIX product
© Gavan

Zero waste platform

Founded in 2018, Gavan specializes in developing animal-free, functional ingredients for the food industry.  Focusing on sustainability, the company developed (the process has not been entirely revealed) a novel waste-free protein technology that, it says, uses entire plants to extract proteins while maintaining the protein’s peptide structure.

Traditional plant protein extraction methods involve multiphase chemical processes that result in 80% input waste. But Gavan claims its tech platform is fully sustainable because it leverages all plant components to produce proteins as well other ingredients such as natural colors and gluten substitutes. 

The company’s novel fat features proteins extracted using this novel technology, mixed with vegetable oil, and water, nothing more. It is a GMO-free, clean label ingredient, trans-fat-free, with 80% less saturated fat.

Gavan's R&D team
Image courtesy of Gavan

As explained by the food tech, it replicates animal fat functionality and delivers a better nutritional profile than regular vegetable oils. Furthermore, Gavan can tailor the formulation of the fat for specific application needs.

“FaTRIX boasts a high melting point and fat-holding capacity, preventing it from leaching during processing or heating. These properties are crucial to maintaining the succulence and tenderness of the final product. Moreover, it acts as a carrier for flavors, vitamins, and beneficial omega-3,” said Uri Jeremias.

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