GoodMills Innovation Launches Slow Milling Ingredients for Artisan Baking on an Industrial Scale

GoodMills Innovation has introduced a new range of clean-label ingredients called Slow Milling, designed to help industrial and retail bakeries make artisan-style baked goods.

By enabling the production of traditional goods on an industrial scale, the range aims to improve cost efficiency while providing fresh, visually appealing bakery products. This will help manufacturers cater to consumers who are looking for artisan products at an affordable price point.

The Slow Milling range includes:

  • Ferment’tic — A natural baking improver that enhances dough handling and prolongs freshness. The ingredient is said to create Mediterranean-style bread with a moist crumb, large holes, and a crispy crust.
  • Kastanienerbse — A clean-label ingredient derived from roasted yellow pea that provides a nutty flavour, a firm bite, and a moist, rich crumb. Kastanienerbse is described as an ideal GMO-free alternative to soy groats.
  • Wood-fired Malt — Gives the aromatic flavour typical of goods baked in a wood-fired oven.
© GoodMills Innovation

Plant-based ingredients

The launch of the Slow Milling range comes as consumers increasingly turn to packaged bakery products, partially driven by cost considerations. All products in the range are plant-based, with the exception of two ingredients designed for cakes.

GoodMills Innovation also offers a range of texturates for meat alternatives. The company introduced its VITATEX texturates, which are made from wheat, soy and peas, in 2021. Last year, GoodMills reported increasing interest in the range from a variety of sectors, saying there was an industry trend towards meat and fish alternatives.

“Our secret is meat mimicking: we analyse the sensory profile of the original product in the deepest detail – and then replicate it in meat-free form, using 100 percent natural, clean-label ingredients. Our results are so astonishing that we even convince the most critical sensory panels,” said GoodMills in 2021.

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