Kerry Launches SucculencePB Fat Technology for Tasty and Juicy Plant-Based Meats

Leading taste and nutrition solutions company Kerry announces the launch of SucculencePB, a “game-changing” solution to help manufacturers create vegan-friendly products with enhanced flavour and moisture.

“We look forward to partnering with plant-based meat manufacturers to develop products that will meet consumer taste demands”

Kerry’s recent global consumer research revealed that most participants would buy plant-based burgers if they were succulent and juicy, concluding that texture and mouthfeel should also be considered when producing plant-based meat and not only flavour.

a plant-based burger
Image courtesy of Kerry

A “game-changing” solution

“When it comes to plant-based meat alternatives, most consumers are not willing to compromise on taste. SucculencePB is a game-changing solution that will elevate taste in the meat-alternative marketplace,” commented Darren O’Sullivan, global portfolio director of emerging taste technologies for Kerry.

“By retaining moisture, SucculencePB enables product developers to deliver delicious, juicy products with improved nutritional profiles and a cleaner, more sustainable back of pack,” he added

Consumers will notice 

Developed with patent-pending technology, SucculencePB is a type of fat that can solve the “dry mouth” taste challenge in cooked plant-based meats.

a stir fry with plant-based meat
© Kerry

“It’s a simple solution to use in formulation – a convenient 1:1 replacement for certain oils and fats, and offers manufacturing benefits too, especially when replacing hard fats. This is an exciting taste and nutritional advance in plant-based meats that consumers will certainly notice,” O’Sullivan added. 

The Irish giant‘s new solution also upgrades the nutritional profile of alt meats by offering a 74% reduction in fat, a 97% decrease in saturated fat content, and a 69% drop in calorie count. These benefits enable products to score higher on local and regional market labelling and nutrition rankings, such as the Nutri-Score and the UK traffic light system.

Furthermore, the product allows for the significant reduction or complete removal of oils and fats, such as coconut or palm oil, adding clean-label and sustainability credentials to its nutritional advantages.

Pure brand plant-based cheese
© Kerry/Pure

Partnering with manufacturers

In the past year, Kerry has extended its alt protein capabilities by strategically acquiring two biotech companies — German precision fermentation company c-LEctra and Mexican enzyme manufacturer Enmex. The company has also continued to innovate by launching a vegan cheese brand called Pure

“We look forward to partnering with plant-based meat manufacturers to develop products that will meet consumer taste demands while delivering on the enormous sustainability promise inherent in the plant-based food and beverages movement. Kerry is delighted to unveil SucculencePB as a valuable solution in the European plant-based market, with plans to roll out globally throughout 2023,” O’Sullivan concluded.

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