Lallemand’s Animal-Free Vitamin D Yeast Approved For Multi-Category Use in UK

Lallemand, a family-owned business headquartered in Canada, announces the expansion of categories of use for its non-animal derived Lalmin vitamin D yeast in the UK. The company pioneered the use of vitamin D yeast as a novel food, obtaining the first such authorization in the EU in 2014.

The respective Ministers of Primary Care and Public Health in England, Scotland, and Wales have now authorized extended uses in 26 food categories of UV-treated baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as an animal-free source of vitamin D, marking the first post-Brexit vitamin D yeast approval in the UK by Lallemand. The new categories include bakery, fermented products, sauces and condiments, pasta, and meat and dairy analogs.

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An application has also been submitted to the US FDA to extend the use of Lalmin® vitamin D yeast in 18 food categories, with approval expected to be granted later this year.

“Manufacturers looking for a non-animal, natural source of vitamin D2 can count on us”

Lallemand, present in more than 50 countries and operating more than 47 production plants with around 4,500 employees, is focused on the development, production and marketing of yeasts, bacteria and enzymes solutions across the baking, food ingredients, human and animal nutrition and health, crop protection/nutrition, oenology, brewing, alcohol, and biofuel sectors.

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Global Regulatory Affairs Director for Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, Celia Martin, comments: “Our effort to expand the use of vitamin D yeast in food applications has been successful and we are happy to see that we are now able to provide it to the EU market in a wide variety of food products.

“Evidence from the scientific community continues to show that vitamin D levels in the EU population require supplementation. The community will now be able to obtain sufficient quantities in a variety of foods. Manufacturers looking for a non-animal, natural source of vitamin D2 can count on us. Our vitamin D yeast was the first vitamin D novel food approved in the EU and we’re proud to continue to invest in this increasingly important ingredient.”

Read our interview with Greg Erdei, Business Development Manager at Lallemand here.

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